Maria Santamaria


Some of my works created from a strictly traditional perspective transit into a postmodern perspective and in so doing, they find new lives. The re-definition of these works offers me the possibility of complementing my skills with those of other artisans. Most importantly, some of my traditional stencil-dyes find a new identity. This is both, a magic and exciting avenue that I would like to explore without limits.

Placeholder Current identity: Original identity:

I converted one of my stencil-dyed kimonos into a silk-filled kakebuton, following traditional silk-kakebuton technique of Kyoto. Both the Kyoto artisan and I discussed the risks of converting a work designed for expositions or once-in-a-while use into an object for ordinary daily use. When we saw the result, we agreed that by getting this work out of its box, it regained a new identity which was worthwhile and the reward was great.

Placeholder Current identity: Original identity: I converted this kimono band into a jacket, working with a fashion designer specializing in kimono-remakes. With fewer people wearing kimono these days, many Obi remain in the closet most of the times… However, giving a second identity to this work resulted in a frequent use and admiration, as well as an existence in an environment different from which it was meant to exist in.